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What do you want, Mirsa? Do you really want to contribute to Wikipedia or annoy us with your demagogy? Up to now you did nothing but inserting anti-Israel POV in various articles. Please stop it. And read Wikipedia:Neutral point of view! - Cordyph

Mirsa, I saw your latest edit to the History of Israel article. It was indeed factual, and it seemed neutral to me. There are a lot of Zionists on this site call any facts that are slightly negative to their cause "anti-Semitic", "hate speech", "vandalism", and the like. Just make very sure that you do not stray from the NPOV, and I will stick up for you. Have a good time on the Wikipedia! --Clutch 13:10 Nov 21, 2002 (UTC)

It seems neutral to me, too. It says "what many Arabs see as..." Which I think is a fair statement. -- Sam

Hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in, but the edit makes me rather uneasy, personally. The sentence itself is fine - the problem, I think, is where it appears in the article. It reads to me like it is saying "Most Arabs see the establishment of Israel as a major act of ethnic cleansing, and yet despite this, Zionists had been gunning for it for 50 years." If the first thing we're told is from an Arab POV, its difficult to read the rest of the article without bearing that POV most prominently in mind. It just seems out of place to put such a strong statement of opinion in the first sentence of the article. But of course, the opinion should go somewhere - I don't think anyone will disagree with that. Oh, and welcome to the wikipedia, and have fun! --Camembert

Then Put the sentence on its proper place - its OK with me (see talk @ Israel history)

Mirsa, the Israel, Palestinian and Middle-east entries are complex issues that needs to be discussed in a calm and neutral point of view (NPOV) fashion. Instead, you currently are inserting an anti-Israeli polemic into an entry. This is inappropriate behaviour in the Wikipedia community. You need to read up more on the entries on NPOV, and you absolutely must read the already extant articles on this issue: You appear unaware that your claims and related isues are already are discussed in great detail, both in Wikipedia entries on Israel, Palestine, and in their associated Talk pages. There is no need to start a flame war by starting the entire thing all over again in yet another article. This topic already is discussed in more than place. When I see someone trying to start shoving this into yet more articles, I can only wonder at their purpose; nothing good can come of this. Please stop your current attempts, and try to work on the academics in the same way that other contributors here do. Work on the topic in the appropriate article, as we already are doing, and please try to remove any traces of anti-Israeli polemics, Ok? RK

Ed, the above comment is not abusive; it is a rational reply to a hurtful series of incriminations. Just because you would phrase this differently doesn't give you the right to delete it. I'm not you, and that's not a crime. RK

Mirsa, please ignore the tone of RK's remarks. Your contributions are welcome, as long as they adhere to the NPOV policy. Please make yourself familiar with it, and then you will find relations with other contributors more harmonious, even when you and they disagree. --Ed Poor

It is OK, I have moved the sentence to the section discussing refudges.


Hello Mirsa, welcome to Wikipedia. just a note regarding the NPOV-policy several people mentioned: NPOV is something we strive to reach. Please do not take the articles on the Israeli-Palestinian-conflict as examples for what is commonly regarded here as a neutral point of view. These articles still need a lot of work to reach that standard. for more information see Wikipedia:Arab-Israeli conflict editing project --Elian

Yes, welcome! We desperately need writers to explain the Arab and Islamic points of view, whether about Islam (the religion) or about political subjects such as Palestine and its division into Israeli and Arab dominated areas. Elian and I disgree on many things, but we agree on the most important thing: NPOV. --Ed Poor