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There is no known record of how the name "scrimmage" came about, but rugby folklore insists that when Pop Warner initially played rugby in the late 19th century, he disliked the scrummage (now known as a scrum). Warner hasedtd enough influence to design his own game (the rugby culture at the time allowed for this as it was the spirit with which the game was invented), so he invented an "open scrummage" (as his personal notes called it). Rugby folklore holds that rugby purists laughed at the "sissified scrummage" and, instead of adopting Warner's preferred terminology, mockingly dubbed it "the scrimmage". It simply was not as manly as 6 men ramming their shoulders and heads against each other all at once.

I am aware that there may be other versions of this and would love to read these if any of you have them.

BTW, can anyone settle a Line of Scrimmage related question for me? Who was the fourth member of the Dallas Cowboys defensive line on the Flex Defense that had Randy White and Ed "Too Tall" Jones as D-Ends and Harvey Martin as a D-Tackle? I can't remember if it was Larry Cole or Jethro Pue (sp?). --Invictus